February 7, 2012

The day our life changed forever. After a long 9 months, we welcomed our boys into this world! John Michael was the first to appear at 7:36 and Flynn followed right after at 7:39. It is so difficult to put into words what an amazing moment it is when you finally meet the children (or child to most haha) you have been loving so blindly for the past year…I remember, through a medication-induced fog, repeating “they’re really real! they’re real!” through a giant smile and tears. If you don’t have children yet, I strongly encourage you to start trying 😉


2 thoughts on “February 7, 2012

  1. I just found your blog through Healthy Tipping Point…I will be having my first child next year at Athens Regional Medical Center, did you have a good experience there??

    • Hey there! Yes, I sure did. I worked for ARMC for 4 years as a tech and an RN. The staff they have working there is wonderful, you should be very happy with your experience! Congratulations by the way 🙂

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