Ryan Sullivan, 6 weeks 

Well, in true Brianne fashion….I forgot about this blog 😂. I figure now is a good time to update since Ryan is already 6 weeks old and growing up so quickly!!  

This little bird has been so much fun. Let’s start off with his birthday though-his actual due date too…it was seriously one of my favorite days ever. It all started when I thought I heard Flynn (one of my other sons) getting out of bed before it was time to. I looked at the clock-347am. I stayed still for a minute to see if I could hear him moving around any more and after realizing it wasn’t him I just closed my eyes planning on going back to sleep. NOPE! All of a sudden, my water broke. I really thought for a minute “maybe he’s just really pressing my bladder and I peed my pants” but in the back of my mind I knew this wasn’t true…I’ve never ever had an issue with urinating myself haha and knew what was really happening. I told john and got in the shower. After the shower I was leaking more so that’s when I knew it was really the real thing. John made coffee and woke his mom up who was staying with us at the time. I finished packing my bag and off we went to the hospital 😄 I registered in the ER and when the labor and delivery nurse showed up with a wheelchair it ended up being my childhood friend Katie…we had a lot of laughs that morning and it made everything even more fun. Katie hooked me up to the monitor, inserted my IV, and set me up for a really sweet day shift nurse to take over.  

While John and I were at the hospital, his mom Nancy and the boys were getting ready at home. I was so excited for them to get to the hospital so I could talk to the boys in person about their brother coming that day but I couldn’t wait and made sure to FaceTime while I could.  

They were so excited and that made us so happy. I never expected to be so sensitive to contraction pain, but by 3-4 centimeters I really thought I was dying. The pain was so brutal it made my whole body shake every time it happened…an epidural was a no-brainer at this point and booooyyyy was I happy to get it. Seriously, a life saver. 


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