Pootimestwo has changed to…..Trouble Times Three ;)

Well well well…it’s been a LONG time. So much in our lives has changed yet it all still feels exactly the same. The boys are now THREE years old aaaaaand, we are adding another little boy to the family in 9 short weeks (scared out of my mind). I have been working as a registered nurse PRN at a hospice house in town for the last year and love it! John is still the same old John-funny guy dealing with a crappy hand health-wise…hopefully we can get him sorted out soon. Our two pups are still just as wild and sweet as ever also. I decided I would give this blog another shot because although I REALLY wanted to document most of the twins’ first few years, life was just way too chaotic to have that be realistic. I’m hoping that maybe this time around I will be able to keep up with things since there will only be one baby (one schedule, one to feed, one to change, etc etc) this time! We shall see 😉 So please check in from time to time if you are interested in seeing our family and what life is like adding a third baby to a house…its going to be a wild ride!! We will be doing a few things differently with the new baby and I’ll definitely be touching on all of the changes on here (cloth diapering, hopefully having a natural delivery, making all baby food…trying to go a more natural route all around this time)

My pregnancy has been going very well and as of today at my appointment, baby is measuring right on track and seems to be head down. Due date is still June 11th and everything seems to be A-ok. Starting to get his side of our room (we are sharing with him until we get the guts to have the twins share a room and make him a nursery) so I will definitely post updates on that too. Thank you for reading!


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