Catch up

My mom came over today and surprised us with a visit. Instead of hanging out inside, we decided to get out and enjoy some fresh air! Our back porch is perfect for that because we have a screened in room with carpet and furniture. We threw a blanket and toys down and the boys went to town while my mom and I talked, sipped our coffees, and played with the twins. They had a great time practicing their tricks and watching Daddy mow the grass…they were seriously fascinated by him! The boys are really starting to get mobile now: sitting, reaching to get up, handstands haha. The lighting on the back porch made for some really cute pictures and some really dark pictures also but I managed to capture a few of their funny handstands, wavy red hair, and beautiful eye color. Enjoy! (I also added some random pictures of them I had on my phone too so I can finally delete them to make room for more….obsessed much?)


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