We’ve got the sniffles

Our day yesterday went from this:



To this:


To sniffling, coughing, and crying all in a matter of hours! The boys were in great moods all day yesterday and we ran errands, took walks, and played around in the Den together. The rest of the day was completely normal leading up to bedtime. Around 9pm (an hour after they fall asleep), I thought I heard one of them moving around in their room, but just left him to fall asleep on his own like I usually do. When I still heard him making noise around 9:30, John and I checked on him and found a completely congested, tired, sick baby 😦 We got him out of the crib, used some saline nose spray and a bulb syringe, and put him back to sleep. The poor boy was up every hour or two through the night! I hate when they get sick.

Long story short, I doubt I’ll be posting on here again today….I see a lot of cuddling and naps happening!

Enjoy your Friday 🙂


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