Yay! We got a surprise visit from Grammy (temporary name for now, to be decided by boys as they get older) and Aunt Cara today. Cara had a little dental procedure today so she was a lucky girl and got to play hooky. The boys were more than happy to see them and play! They were feeling extra gracious today and even showed off the new tricks they are working on like sitting on their own and pre-crawling.






After a short visit, the boys went down for naps and I went with the girls to Hobby Lobby. We had a mission: this guy needs a new eye.

While I LOVE staying at home with my boys everyday, I also enjoy spending a little time doing Girly things with my mom (and sisters) too when I get the chance so this was a very appreciated trip. We started with some coffee and I ended up with new Halloween plates and some decorations for John’s movie room! All in all it has been a great day.



Now, I’m off to finish painting my right hand (dread it!)

20120910-142551.jpg and head to my moms house for dinner. The boys are spending the night there so we are going to a movie and enjoying a peaceful night. Hasta mañana.


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