Cutie Close-ups

My husband, John, surprised me with a new Canon Rebel for my birthday back in June. I have REALLY been meaning to take the manual out and learn how to use it, but I (obviously) have my hands full most of the day and by the time bedtime rolls around I just feel like watching TV or browsing the internet. I’m making it a goal to start learning how to properly use it by the end of the week now, I just tinker with it and learn as I go and get really cute photos of the boys in the meantime! Here’s a million new close-ups…enjoy :)

Catch up

My mom came over today and surprised us with a visit. Instead of hanging out inside, we decided to get out and enjoy some fresh air! Our back porch is perfect for that because we have a screened in room with carpet and furniture. We threw a blanket and toys down and the boys went to town while my mom and I talked, sipped our coffees, and played with the twins. They had a great time practicing their tricks and watching Daddy mow the grass…they were seriously fascinated by him! The boys are really starting to get mobile now: sitting, reaching to get up, handstands haha. The lighting on the back porch made for some really cute pictures and some really dark pictures also but I managed to capture a few of their funny handstands, wavy red hair, and beautiful eye color. Enjoy! (I also added some random pictures of them I had on my phone too so I can finally delete them to make room for more….obsessed much?)

Back Porch Photoshoot

Because…why not?

We’ve got the sniffles

Our day yesterday went from this:



To this:


To sniffling, coughing, and crying all in a matter of hours! The boys were in great moods all day yesterday and we ran errands, took walks, and played around in the Den together. The rest of the day was completely normal leading up to bedtime. Around 9pm (an hour after they fall asleep), I thought I heard one of them moving around in their room, but just left him to fall asleep on his own like I usually do. When I still heard him making noise around 9:30, John and I checked on him and found a completely congested, tired, sick baby :( We got him out of the crib, used some saline nose spray and a bulb syringe, and put him back to sleep. The poor boy was up every hour or two through the night! I hate when they get sick.

Long story short, I doubt I’ll be posting on here again today….I see a lot of cuddling and naps happening!

Enjoy your Friday :)

Jammy jams

Pretty good morning so far!


I could NOT fall asleep last night so we definitely had some coffee action bright and early.


Pretend you don’t notice the cans of energy behind the coffee….we obviously have a caffeine problem in this house.

After chugging my coffee, getting the boys out of their cribs, and feeding them…we decided to go for a walk. Super good decision, the weather is beautiful lately!







We practiced sitting and “crawling” for a little while







and as soon as they started this:

20120912-104132.jpg …it was down for a nap they went! Haha. Now I’m watching “what to expect when expecting” with John until the buggers wake up…ttys :)

Abs Schmabs.

First off, let me start this post by telling you we are still baby-free at the moment! The boys spent the night at my mom’s house last night and they will be hanging out with her until around noon. John has already gotten us coffee, I made him waffles and ate my favorite cereal EVER, and now I’m going to shower so we can go to Best Buy and the grocery store…fun fun!

Oh, about that cereal….if you have a Target near you…drop everything you are doing and go buy this. DELICIOUS.

I seriously can’t stop eating it once I start and the great news is…it keeps you full for a very long time. Win, win…..if you have a normal digestive system and stomach…which I do not. I started my pregnancy at 124 lbs and not much room in my belly, so managing to house and carry two growing babies in there for 9 months has obviously left its mark. No marks on the outside (I got very lucky) but all on the inside: diastisis recti.

Lovely. After reading more about this issue, I have decided it’s time to stop hiding my issue with baggy shirts and do something about it! My mom sent me this link this morning and I think it’s definitely worth a shot to try out.

I am setting a goal now to try and do these exercises every day…here’s to hoping for change! 

Have any of you other moms experienced this? Leave a comment and tell me how you’ve handled it and any tips you have to help fix it!


Yay! We got a surprise visit from Grammy (temporary name for now, to be decided by boys as they get older) and Aunt Cara today. Cara had a little dental procedure today so she was a lucky girl and got to play hooky. The boys were more than happy to see them and play! They were feeling extra gracious today and even showed off the new tricks they are working on like sitting on their own and pre-crawling.






After a short visit, the boys went down for naps and I went with the girls to Hobby Lobby. We had a mission: this guy needs a new eye.

While I LOVE staying at home with my boys everyday, I also enjoy spending a little time doing Girly things with my mom (and sisters) too when I get the chance so this was a very appreciated trip. We started with some coffee and I ended up with new Halloween plates and some decorations for John’s movie room! All in all it has been a great day.



Now, I’m off to finish painting my right hand (dread it!)

20120910-142551.jpg and head to my moms house for dinner. The boys are spending the night there so we are going to a movie and enjoying a peaceful night. Hasta mañana.